Swift Close

Rayners Lane Harrow

Swift Close comprises a number of phases within the Rayners Lane Estate Regeneration.

The project consists of 143 units, including 94 units for rent and 17 units for intermediate housing and 32 apartments for sale.

The design develops the principles that were established during the masterplan review, namely:

  • Strong identity and sense of place
  • Smaller scale of residential areas so there is a network of neighbourhoods
  • Safe and attractive street environment
  • Street hierarchy comprising primary route, avenues and community streets (homezone)
  • Provide residents with choice to live on a busier avenue, a quieter homezone or grouped around a residential square or mews courtyard
  • Use of landmarks and features to make a clear and legible layout
  • Retain existing mature trees where possible
  • Provide a range of children’s play areas
  • Provide a mixed tenure development

Central to the ideas contained in the design are the consideration of local context and the provision of choice to the residents whilst providing a layout with a structure that responds to local conditions, enables easy navigation and creates of areas with different characteristics to establish a strong sense of place and identity.